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A correct running posture of the treadmill can bring you health.

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More and more people do not like to run outdoors, and instead choose to use a treadmill to exercise. However, many people have various discomforts in the lumbar spine, knees and ankles after exercising on the treadmill. This is because people neglect the correct posture of using the treadmill. So, what is the correct running posture of the commercial curved treadmill? Let's take a look at the power technology.

  1, straight up the waist, keep a line on the upper body

  Some people are accustomed to having a chest back when running. When people are leaning forward, they will increase the pressure on the lumbar spine. After a long time, it will cause lumbar strain. Keep your head, neck and back in a straight line, look straight ahead, don't look down, and don't glance back and forth, which determines the efficiency of your running. In addition, the shock of the running down landing gives the impact of the foot almost five times the weight, and the forward tilt will bring more impact to the leg and foot joints, and discomfort will occur over time. Therefore, when exercising on a customized home treadmill, you must tighten your abdomen and tighten your lower back muscles.

  2, shoulders to relax, to swing the arms before and after the arm

  Although running is the movement of the lower body, the movement of the arm is not dispensable, and the swinging of the arm can give you the motivation to move forward. If the swing arm is not correct, it will cause physical discomfort. The best posture is to relax the shoulders, naturally sag, the arms are naturally slightly flexed, and the hands are half-fist, don’t swing the arms left and right. This will cause the center of gravity to swing and affect the knee joints. When exercising on a treadmill, swing your arms back and forth. When you are tired, don't shrug your shoulders. You can shake your shoulders and relax.

  3, the foot landing posture should be correct, the soles of the feet directly landed

  Some people use a treadmill to run when the sound is particularly loud, which is likely to land directly with the soles of the feet. The direct landing impact of the soles of the feet will be large. Without cushioning, the reaction of the ground to the human body will be transmitted to the spine and the brain through the bones. This is why some people feel uncomfortable after exercising on the treadmill. We should use the heel and the middle of the foot to land, then quickly roll forward the foot, and then the forefoot will leave the ground. When the foot is landing, the sound should not be too big, and it should be light and flexible.

  4, do not look back when running

  When using a treadmill to exercise, it is very unsafe to look back. It is easy to lose the balance of the body and cause a fall. When there are family members and friends calling you, don’t look back. You should stop the treadmill first and say I saw a lot of people in the gym because of the bad situation.

  5, do not answer the phone when running

  Nowadays, the mobile phone is basically carried with you, but when you are doing treadmill exercise, it is best to go light, even if the phone is on your body, don’t answer it immediately when you call, because when you talk on the phone, your Attention will be dispersed, which is also very unsafe.

  6, do not use too much armrests

  The handrails of the treadmill are designed with safety and body balance in mind. They are not crutches when running. Excessive use of the handrails often results in a bow back and shoulders, which keeps you away from the correct running posture.

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