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Curved Treadmills VS. Motorized Treadmills

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Doing a cardio workout on a curved treadmill is more effective than a workout on a standard treadmill.

Here are 7 reasons why

Burns More CaloriesAccording to multiple studies that we’ll talk about later, curved treadmills burn about 30% more alories than motorized treadmills. The growing body of research comparing exercise on a regular treadmill to exercise on a curved manual treadmill indicates that the latter uses a lot more energy.

Higher Heart Rate Studies show the average heart rate when running on a curved treadmill is about 16% higher than on a motorized treadmill.

Higher Oxygen ConsumptionYour VO2 max measures how much oxygen you consume during exercise. Researchers consistently found that athletes’ VO2 max on a curved treadmill is about 30% greater than running at the same speed on a flat treadmill.

More Intense Workouts Researchers using the Borg Scale to measure perceived exertion found curved treadmill running to be about one and a half units more physiologically intense than on a flat treadmill.

Ideal for HIIT and Sprints Curved treadmills let you accelerate super fast and reach a higher top speed almost instantly, so you can push yourself really harder. That’s only the first part, as HIIT workouts and sprints also require you to slow down fast. Slowing down with a curved treadmill is as natural and quick as slowing down running outdoor. Regular treadmills are very bad as slowing down quickly. When you are running at a crazy high speed, sometimes to exhaustion, you just don’t air or power left in you to wait for a motorized treadmill to slow down so fast, let alone the coordination to press the speed deceleration button on the panel. The curved treadmill is the perfect cardio machine for doing a home HIIT cardio workout. All these factors work together to make curved treadmills a perfect storm for HIIT and sprints.

Works More Muscle Groups Traditional treadmills move the floor under you. That means your legs just have to push up off the ground instead of fully activating. Curved treadmills make you do all the work, which uses more muscle groups. This action hits your glutes, calves, and hamstrings hard. It also activates your entire posterior chain and all your stabilizing muscles.

Less Joint PainThe curve comes up to meet your foot at the beginning of the motion. Together with the cushioned rubber surface, this translates to much less impact on your knees, ankles, hips, and back. Less pounding of the ground means less shock, less wear and tear over time, and fewer injuries.

Improves your FormCurved treadmills promote an upright running posture and correct mechanics. They make it easier to run on the balls of your feet like a true athlete, which can give you more speed and agility in the real world.

SaferCurved treadmills stop when you stop, so there’s less danger of falling and getting thrown. Their running decks tend to have more grip than the PVC, nylon, or cotton-based belts of motorized treadmills. More grip makes the belt easier to push, but it also makes it harder to slip off. Curved treadmills are also less of a fire hazard because they don’t have motorized parts that generate a lot of heat or friction.

No Electricity Cost Curved treadmills don’t use electricity and won’t add a dime to your electric bill. You won’t have to look for an electrical outlet to place your machine by or get tangled up in miles of extension cords.

Environmentally Friendly No electricity means zero carbon footprint.

Simple to UseCurved treadmills have minimal to no buttons. You don’t have to figure out any software or wait for the machine to power up. Just jump on, and take off.

Less MaintenanceBecause they have no motorized parts, curved treadmills are low-maintenance machines. Their non-motorized slatted belts are much more durable than traditional treadmill belts. They won’t need constant adjustment or lubrication.

Intuitive With No Need for Programmed WorkoutsWith a curved treadmill, you don’t have to rely on programmed workouts. You can adjust your speed instantly depending on how you feel. You can start or stop without thinking and just go with the flow without fiddling around with beeps and buttons.

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