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Curved treadmill for your home gym

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Curved treadmills are beginning to catch on in the gym scene. Most commercial gyms still use standard electric treadmills, but we’re starting to see more and more gyms bringing in a curved treadmill or two.

We believe a curved treadmill is one of the best pieces of cardio equipment you can buy for your home gym as well. The two major downsides are that they’re expensive and that they aren’t exactly the most compact cardio equipment. They can take up a lot of space on your floor, and there aren’t any folding models yet.

If you love intense exercise and cutting-edge technology, we think the benefits of having a curved treadmill in your home gym outweigh the drawbacks.

The curve on this treadmill is just a bit less intense than the other models on this list, which makes running slightly easier. If extra weight or age makes it hard for you to lift your legs high, you’ll appreciate the gentler curve.

To compensate for the gradual curve, the DS Health Runner comes with a special dual-bearing system. It cuts the friction even more than usual and makes the track more responsive to your movements. Less friction means it’s even easier to get the belt started and easy to transition between walking, running, sprinting, and stopping.

The belt’s slats are made of a steel skeleton covered with half an inch of rubber coating. If you suffer from joint pain, a rubberized model like this one will cushion you much better than one with hard plastic slats. You’ll probably want to wear shoes, though. Rubber-coated slats will turn your feet black if you run barefoot.

HIIT and sprinting involve fast-twitch muscle fibers. These are made for short, intense bursts of activity rather than long, slow endurance activities.Manual curved treadmills are much better for sprinting and HIIT because they let you accelerate and decelerate faster and more precisely than motorized treadmills. You’ll sprint faster under your own power than the motor on a regular treadmill can turn, as you control the speed of your run just as you would running outside.

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