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How to use a curved treadmill

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A standard treadmill gives the user the opportunity to jog along at any speed without pushing their limits. The main disadvantage of the traditional treadmill is that the user doesn’t activate their entire leg as they don’t need to push back to propel themselves forward to achieve a workout.

The curved treadmill gives the user the opportunity to mimic a more natural running movement.  By pushing back as well as forward then the user has to use their hamstrings.  This means that the hamstrings are worked more than they would when using a standard treadmill.


What is a Curved Treadmill?

The curved treadmill is designed for natural human movement. It’s modern concave-shape makes it very similar to running outside as it allows the user to run with a natural style. The treadmill is powered solely by the legs, not electricity. It has no top speed and with its curved, slatted running surface, runners create a momentum to turn the treadmill belt by using the balls of their feet. This uses more muscle groups than would be the case with the traditional heal strike method on a standard treadmill.This self-powered machine has changed the way in which people train, not only in gyms, but in sports teams, rehabilitation facilities and even at home.

So, what are the main benefits of a Curved Treadmill?

The curved treadmill has many health and performance benefits for both end users and gym owners:

Benefit one – Run naturally and burn more calories

The running style on the curved treadmill creates a higher intensity workout so is perfect for interval training. Scientists measured the physiologic intensity of a standard motorised treadmill compared to a non-motorised version and the latter demonstrating higher beneficial results overall. The process for burning calories is quite simple, increase the heart rate and keep it up for as long as possible. The curved treadmill does exactly that.

What researchers found was that runners really do work about 30 percent harder on the curved non-motorised treadmills in comparison to a standard model. Indeed, research has shown that just walking on the curved treadmill provides similar cardiovascular and caloric burn benefits as running on a conventional treadmill. The runners perceived they were working an average of 27 percent harder when they ran on the curved treadmill, and physiologically, their symptoms matched: They consumed an average of 32 percent more oxygen and had 16 percent higher heart rates, 2.5 percent higher running cadence, and 38 percent worse running economy than when they ran at equivalent speeds on a motorised treadmill.

Benefit two – A curved treadmill protects from damage to the joints

The design of the curved treadmill encourages people to run on the balls of their feet, which in turn reduces the impact on their joints and improving their running performance. There is also more core engagement due to the need to run at an

ergonomically correct angle. This forces the user to maintain a correct posture otherwise they would feel off balance which would in turn affect their run. The rubber surface of a curved treadmill helps absorb the impact on joints and connective tissue, preventing injuries often associated with running on hard surfaces. Motorised treadmills are not designed to absorb the shock, meaning that joints are taking the full impact of every step.


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