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The Benefits of Curved Treadmill

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Just like any other training equipment, curved treadmills have their own pros and cons.

Let’s discuss a few.

More Muscle Activation

One of the main advantages of using curved treadmills stems from using more muscles than the basic flat treadmill.

Compared to running on motorized treadmills, curved treadmills are designed to force your lower body to them from the get-go—engaging everything from your calves to your glutes to kickstart the machine. This means more energy expenditure and further fitness gains.


Run more Naturally

Thanks to the increased muscle engagement, running on a curved treadmill may help you adopt a more natural form compared to motorized flat treadmills.

The science is, you’ll be driving your feet into the belt to keep it moving instead of chasing the powered belt like with a standard treadmill. The U shape will also force you to land on the balls of your feet.

The form that is needed to keep your body propelling forward.

This mirrors outdoor running.


Lower Injury Risk

Since curved treadmills promote a more natural stride pattern while running by encouraging you to run on the balls of your feet, you may reduce the impact on your muscles and joints. This ultimately helps prevent pains and injuries.

What’s more?

Thanks to the rubber surface, a curved treadmill may help absorb the stress on your joint and tissue more effectively.

Increased Calorie Burn

Research has shown that subjects tend to run roughly 30 percent harder on a curved treadmill. That means burning a third or more calories than running on a traditional treadmill.

Good Incline

If your upcoming race takes place on hilly terrain and/or lives in a flat area, hopping on a  curved treadmill is a great way to do some incline training.

No Electricity

Since you’ll be using your own body to propel the machine, this type of treadmill requires no electricity, thus, won’t add a dime to your electric bill.

Don’t worry about the built-in displays, as they’re battery-powered.

You also won’t need to look for an electrical outlet to plug your machine into nor get jumbled in miles of extension cords.

Longer Service Life

With a standard motorized treadmill, you’ll be definitely paying for maintenance fees as all models prone to breaking down and needing repair.

Curved manual treadmills, on the other hand, tend to require less upkeep than standard machines as they feature fewer moving parts—and the fewer moving part, the less repair you’ll have to do over the long haul.

Also, the slatted belt tends to much more durable than standard treadmill belts.

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