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Welcome to the buyer's guide

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Hello, welcome to the buyers guide for the curve runner . The curve runner is a non-motorized treadmill designed to help you master the skill of running, but it's built with high intensity in mind.


Unlike traditional treadmills , The belt of the curve runner is powered by the user not electricity. So there's no limit to the speed. You can hit.There's no set limit. You're not governed by a machine. The fast you run the more energy you output the faster you'll go which perfectly mimics running outdoors With the same marketing build and quality components you'd expect to find in most commercial treadmills. This really is the best option for a commercial or home environment. The subtle curve of the belt means your stride hits the belt and pulls it away as opposed to traditional mechanical electrically Powered treadmill where it's running at a constant tempo. It's pulling your legs away.

As you step this much better mimics running outside. If you're learning to run on a motorized treadmill and then you go outside and may find that there's some difference in mechanics that may be quite noticeable with the curve runner. You're not going to encounter that This makes the curve run a much better option for indoor training. If you want that to translate to outdoor running such as a marathon, Another found inch of the curve on a not being electrically, powered and only really having this monitor which is battery-powered is that you don't need access to an electrical outlet which means you can maneuver this around to wherever you want to train. You can pack it away and store it and you don't need to have that plug access or be dictated to buy your electrical access as to where you can keep it in your home or commercial gym environment on the note of moving a curve running around.


Obviously is a big piece of kit, but with this integrate handle and the heavy duty wheels. It's pretty easy to pick it up wheel it around position it wherever you want it. You can move it from workout to workout put it away for storage if you are working are working on the slightly smaller space or a class environment, where potentially you want to space people out a little bit more once you found your position and located the curve runner the rubber feet located at the back locate down onto the floor stabilizing the curve on it to stop it rocking and wobbling as you're running on it being powered by the user. 

The belt responds naturally to any changes in pace, so if you don't intervals or anything like that or even if you just get tired pace, you're not relying on adjusting the monitor speed you're not relying on the belt getting up to speed or coming back down to speed. It will just speed up or slow down according to your own natural pace. This is excellent for install work where you just want to jump on and off of it mix modality work where perhaps you're using some weights using sled using kettlebells and want to be able to quickly jump onto the curve runner using sled using kettlebells and want to be able to quickly jump onto the curve runner hit a max effort and then jump straight back off with traditional mechanically. Powered treadmills you're going to be waiting for the belt to get up to speed and subsequently waiting for it to slow back down again. 

Despite the fact, the curve runner is self-powered. No features have been spared on the console you've got every single feature. You'd expect to find on a commercial grade Powered treadmill.

Tracking your pace your speed your distance and it's wireless and avenue to hook up your heart rate monitor. The console is also fully programmable, meaning you can put in target time target distance target pace which will still give you a target to hit despite the fact, the curve runner is self-driven. The console uses universal measurements such as calories, watts and columns per hour which means you can pretty easily perform workouts so you might find online or have prescribed you by coach. It's also easy for you to compare that data to other people using the same machinery.

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