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  • 2022-02-19

    How to exercise using Seated Lat Pulldown

    Step 1STARTING POSITION: Sit in the machine, anchoring your lower extremity by adjusting the thigh pad to fit firmly against the top of your thighs. Stiffen (“brace”) your abdominal muscles to stabilize your spine, and attempt to avoid any arching of your low back throughout the exercise. Reach up

  • 2021-11-29

    A correct running posture of the treadmill can bring you health.

    DS Fitness, founded in 2018, a premier and fastest-growing fitness manufacturer. From our humble beginning as a small family-owned company to our current state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Weihai China. DS Fitness has built a reputation as the leader in fitness equipment manufacturing field. We develop and produce fitness equipment with incomparable quality and resilience, In our production process, we focusing on high standards of materials selection and workmanship design. The manual ingredients in the DS Fitness factory are an indispensable part of overall process, the soul of DS products.

  • 2021-11-22

    What is a curved treadmill?

    Designed for natural human movement, a curved treadmill is a modern concave-shaped running machine that’s powered solely by your legs. No electricity required and no top speed, very similar to outdoor running. With its curved, slatted running surface, it allows you to propel the treadmill belt using

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